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John Devine Media specialises in high-quality livestreaming across funerals, weddings, conferences, and special events with the aim to create a lasting memory for any occasion – big or small.


With over 15 years of experience in the sports media industry and a string of interviews, book launches, radio, sports lunches, commentating, ground announcing and emcee gigs under their belt, John Devine Media is committed to making your livestreaming event the best it can be.


Pay your respects from anywhere in real time with our funeral livestreaming service. If family members are unable to attend, you can rest assured that they won’t miss saying goodbye to loved ones. Online funeral services are a helpful way to bring you virtually amongst family and friends during a delicate time.


Do you have a wedding coming up that some of your invited guests can’t attend? Why not look into livestreaming it? That way, everyone will feel like they’re physically there on your big day and they won’t miss a thing! Whether it’s unwell relatives or if friends live far away, we can make it happen.


If you have a conference coming up and want to get everyone involved no matter where they are, there’s no better option than to livestream it. Engage with each member of your audience or business by creating an easily accessible conference that they can log on to from anywhere.

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No matter what sort of event you’re hosting, it’s always great to have the people you’ve invited get involved. Livestreaming is fantastic for school, university, concerts, family gatherings, birthday celebrations and more. Whatever your event is, we can cover it.

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