Our Services

With our combined experience presenting a weekly sports show on Bay Fm 100.3 (Saturday Mornings 10am-12pm) featuring live interviews, we have a vast range of background knowledge for Live broadcasting.

Our involvement in live broadcast of sporting fixtures includes QLD Rugby League, Queensland and Women’s National Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Rugby Union, and AFL.

Similar services can be provided for conferences or any event you would live share with family, friends or colleagues no matter where they are.  

The Fanatics are similar to the Fantastic Four. Each of us has a different sporting super power.

We take your game to your fans, members and the world.

So you have a sporting fixture that you would like broadcast  Live to your members and the rest of the world then podcast?

Included in the Live Broadcast is a 10 minute segment on our  Bay Fm Sports Show, Saturday Team Talk, live every Saturday Morning 10am-12pm, usually with an interview in relation to the event. Your broadcast is podcast-ed and available for download immediately following our call.

We will provide a link prior, so you can advertise that you will have a live broadcast. The Fanatics using all their contacts on social media will post  the relevant link to obtain as much of a listening audience.

We encourage you to supply us with as much club sponsorship material to air before, during and after the fixture.  If your sponsors already have recorded advertising stings these will be played. If you have ‘Reads” we will create a voice over sting to include also. In fact you may be able to attract extra sponsors, or your club may wish to acknowledge a sponsor by providing added exposure to their product.

Upcoming club events or details of how to be involved with your club, either participants or administrative positions are also given the opportunity to be part of your Live Broadcast.

All we need is, is a power source. If possible wifi or ability to hard wire to the internet or a 4G signal capability.

What’s Included

  1. Maximum of 3 Hours Live Broadcast
  2. Providing one caller, we would like to have a club expert to be part of Your broadcast, otherwise we will provide a second caller
  3. Supply a  link to your live call which can be embedded onto your clubs web site or highlighted on your social media sites
  4. Post on this web site, the sports show Facebook and all other social media at our disposal.
  5. Provide a 10 minute time slot on the Live Sports Showon Bay Fm 100.3 Fm prior, to promote your event
  6. A direct podcast link  at the termination of the call
  7. An ABN number

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Fill out the request form below and we will be in contact with you. Depending on the amount of detail in your request, we can have a quote and availability within 48 hours.